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Golden Lotus
2923 Kendra Dr
Prescott, AZ 86301 USA
Phone #: 928-541-7762

7 Didgeridoo Chakra Balancing Tones
$ 20

The vibrations of the Didgeridoo penetrate deeply, creating a “molecular massage”. We have recorded seven dual tones to work individually with, and align, the chakras. Binaural beats are created by the skilled use of two didgeridoos. These beats direct brainwave activity into places of creativity and healing. 1st Chakra “A” Tailbone // 2nd Chakra “B” Lower belly // 3rd Chakra “C” Solar Plexus // 4th Chakra “A” & “E” Heart // 5th Chakra “C#” Throat // 6th Chakra “D” Brow // 7th Chakra “E” Crown.